Open Book - a Photobook Exhibition

RM Gallery, K, Road, Auckland

5 – 21 November

Opening Wednesday 4 November

Physics Room, Christchurch

5 December – 30 January

Opening Friday 4 December

Harvey Benge

David Cook

Shelley Jacobson

Andrew Kennedy

Solomon Mortimer

Mark Purdom

Haruhiko Sameshima

Ann Shelton

Fiona Short

Anita Tótha

Tim J. Veling

Shaun Waugh

Open Book consists of twelve new photobook works, created specifically for exhibition. Its premise is to provoke artists’ experimentation with the book form and to position the book as a gallery experience. Each artist has been given autonomy to pursue and realise a project of their individual interest, as relevant to their current practice. The collective result of these endeavours is a compact exhibition: each artist’s work is folded in on itself or cut and stacked, the content largely hidden from view. To experience it, you are invited to open a book.

Exhibition coordinator: Shelley Jacobson

Bookshelf design and construction: Andrew Kennedy